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Actimove Manus Forte

Actimove Manus Forte is a stabilising wrist brace for the treatment of painful conditions and irritations of the wrist joint associated with chronic or acute disorders.

Made from top quality, latex-free materials this product is highly breathable and comfortable to wear. An anatomically shaped orthopaedic splint and two extra-broad hook and loop straps give strong stabilisation and support. Thanks to the tubular construction, the brace can be easily applied with one hand.

Actimove Manus Forte supports the wrist for pain relief while leaving the fingers unrestrained.

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Actimove Manus Forte is a highly breathable, stabilising wrist brace for the treatment of painful conditions and irritations of the wrist joint.

Benefits and design features of the Actimove Manus Forte Support:


  • Supports pain relief and encourages the healing process.
  • An aluminium splint, two plastic stays and inelastic hook and loop straps immobilise the wrist in a neutral position and prevent flexion and extension.
  • Wide inelastic straps provide an extra strong, overall stabilisation.


  • Anatomically preformed and individually adjustable aluminium splint for perfect individual fit.
  • Overall construction gives secure fixation of the wrist while leaving the fingers free to move.
  • Breathable, skin-friendly materials provide high wearing comfort and help prevent skin irritations.
  • Soft thumb loop opening with soft edges prevents abrasion.

Handling & Usability

  • Tubular construction is easy to apply with one hand.
  • Adjustable hook and loop fasteners for individual adaptation, fixation and easy handling.
  • Foldovers prevent straps from slipping out of their buckles.
  • Thumb loop opening prevents the brace from slipping.

Cleansing & Care

  • Washable at 30°C (hand or machine washing) for improved hygiene.
  • Aluminium splint should be removed for washing.

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